The Netizen Gal Corner

Happy 2020!


Hello, everybody!

I know, I know what you are going to say: Why are you taking so long to post?

Well, between work, my side job, maintaining my “social” and family life and new projects that are knocking at my door have been draining me.

However, I figured I could use some space over here to update you in a more personal manner as I don’t think twitter is enough for me to tell you everything I want to say. I want something more personal where I could provide you updates, or tell you directly how I am feeling or whatever comes to my mind.

With that being said, our new set up is complete. I am healthy. I am still working on entries for this blog. Believe me… it’s just that Library Wars was a bit more extensive than I actually expected it to be.

I read the novel in its entirety and that took me a while. Every time I went searching for information… there was more and more media piling up. From web series, to specials, the manga, the novel, the anime… oof! I was a lot to dig upon. But it’s coming. I hope that 2020 is a bit less hectic so I can finally give you a sense of consistency that I wasn’t able to give you in the last 6 months.

We are still here, and still excited.

If you were wondering why doesn’t @otakunetizenreviews writes something… it’s because she has had an awful busy year as well… and she helps me with twitter/layout/editing of the main blog more than anything else.

She sent me back to the board so I could change almost all of what I had written for Library Wars… and it hasn’t been easy.

Again, I hope all of you are great and healthy so you can embrace 2020 with arms wide open.

Have a happy new year! Cheers!

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