The Case of: Library Wars (Introduction)

...we watched it at almost the same pace. She didn’t enjoy it. But more importantly… to me, Library Wars is not what I remember it was.

No words for Garden of Words (Kotonoha no Niwa)

The story of this film has a certain magical/fantasy quality to it and innocence in those encounters. It's as if time and space is contained inside of that gazebo. The woman and the kid only exist at the same time and place when it’s raining.

The Technical Issues in Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

I was ready to block reality and drench my mind in the lore. As soon as the final title card at the center of the screen in the opening song appeared, my excitement went away.

The Non-Accidental Masterpiece: Kimi no Na Wa

The hair band/bracelet represents this connection, as well, the sacred shrine, the dreams, the wish, the comet, the village, the erasing memories and their names; everything represents these connections.

Cracks that Pierced the Wall: Koe No Katachi

So, Koe no Katachi had everything the story needed to make me feel inspired and say, “This is it! This is the greatest production I have ever watched!” So why… why did I feel so unmoved by the end of the film?

Wotakoi: A Love Letter to a Misunderstood Community

For otaku, especially adults, romantic relationships comes at a cost:

Why People Disliked Re:Zero?

So, let me open with the following statement:

Re:Zero: This story is all about condescending lecturing.

Why “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card” It’s a Success!

Every magical mystery, character growth, relationships and arcs were tied up neatly and were absolute. What else could we explore? Was there something that they wanted to add to the lore?

RE-VIEW: The Case Of Sakuran

In terms of adaptation and as a standalone movie, Sakuran is one of the best I have seen.

My Complicated Relationship with ToraDora

There are a lot of positive things I can say about this series, but...

A Road to Nowhere: Dissecting Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April was in position number one in for months and I almost had an existential crisis because of it. It took me too many angry long rants with my friends to come to terms that slice of life-melodrama anime are my least favorite category of Japanese animation.

RE-VIEW: The Case of Lovely Complex

With the praise that I have for the Manga and the Anime, you must think that I have a lot of problems with the live action as an adaptation - and I do -, however it has to do more with the directorial decisions than with the movie in general.