Danganronpa “The End of Hope’s Peak High School”: Hope, Despair and Crazy Pills (Part 3)

Finding another killing game in the Future Arc was such a disappointment to me. Which left me to wonder if … if this was it; if this was all Danganronpa could provide. That it was nothing more than strokes of genius muddled by its own concept.

The Case Of: Death Note (2006)

There was one tiny detail for Death Note 2006: the time of release was way, way off.

Danganronpa 2/Ultra Despair Girls: Hope, Despair and Crazy Pills (Part 2)

After finishing the first game, I felt like it was a one-time thing with no possibilities to see sequels because the story was more than explained, done and buried. So, to say the least, I was curious to see where the franchise was headed.

Death Parade was/is Ahead of Our Time

Death Parade came across as a series that would indulge in my cynical thirst, instead, I found a series incredibly human.

Kakurenbo: Hide&Seek. A Perfect Debut of a Missing Director.

Have you ever wondered why some independent directors who are acclaimed don’t want to listen when producers and studios tell them they have a lot more potential than they think? Because I feel like Shuhei Morita is one of those directors.

Kuuchuu Buranko, Still One of My Favorites, Here is Why.

With 2019 looming, I had a need for nostalgia so I watched it once again. Incredible, but true, my opinions of the show haven’t changed.

My Journey on The Land of the Lustrous

From religious imagery, to religious parables; from within the context, to the implications of the context, “Don’t wish for more than you can handle” is only a spectrum and the end result of the main  character’s journey.

West in Retrospect – Ghost in the Shell

It is a vague adaptation, for sure, but I can confidently say that the act of adaptation was not the element that failed.This time, the issue can be found in the script, the story surrounding Makoto and the relationship Hollywood has with its audience.

Why People Disliked Re:Zero?

So, let me open with the following statement:

Re:Zero: This story is all about condescending lecturing.

Gyo: The Acclaimed Disaster!

To put it this way, I immediately realized why many of the reviewers that focus on the adaptation aspect of the material were trashing the movie.

Ito Junji’s Collection of Dissappointment

The results are horror stories that come from the mind of one of the Kings of terror: Ito Junji.

Another Look into Magical Girl Madoka Magica

Fortunately the director and the writer had a great premise and tried their best to keep the interest all the way to the end.

The Reason Doki-Doki Literature Club was not a surprise and Why it Became my Favorite Overtime.

I was worried about the fact that the reveal would be disappointing, thus making me feel like a fool that I wasted four to five hours only to be left with enormous volcano crater-like plot holes. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try.