Danganronpa: Hope, Despair and Crazy Pills (Part 1)

If you box Danganronpa in the VN category, it sure makes its effort to be considered a game. If you box it in the puzzle/mystery game category, the story portions constricts your options as a player... To me, this is not a problem of writing; it is a problem embedded in the concept of the franchise. 

The Mysterious Case of Ghost Hunt

I still like the series, I don’t like it as I did when I was younger, but it is a series that will always have a special place to me. The manga... is another story.

My Journey on The Land of the Lustrous

From religious imagery, to religious parables; from within the context, to the implications of the context, “Don’t wish for more than you can handle” is only a spectrum and the end result of the main  character’s journey.

Why “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card” It’s a Success!

Every magical mystery, character growth, relationships and arcs were tied up neatly and were absolute. What else could we explore? Was there something that they wanted to add to the lore?

RE-VIEW: The Case of Black Butler

As I mentioned, I understand the appeal. It is an opening that can be quite a curve for drawing people’s attention. Although my criticism regarding the Manga comes from three things: