My Journey on The Land of the Lustrous

From religious imagery, to religious parables; from within the context, to the implications of the context, “Don’t wish for more than you can handle” is only a spectrum and the end result of the main  character’s journey.

The Non-Accidental Masterpiece: Kimi no Na Wa

The hair band/bracelet represents this connection, as well, the sacred shrine, the dreams, the wish, the comet, the village, the erasing memories and their names; everything represents these connections.

Why People Disliked Re:Zero?

So, let me open with the following statement: Re:Zero: This story is all about condescending lecturing.

Why “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card” It’s a Success!

Every magical mystery, character growth, relationships and arcs were tied up neatly and were absolute. What else could we explore? Was there something that they wanted to add to the lore?

RE-VIEW: The Case of Cromartie High School

Earlier this week in our movie re-view, we were talking about how someone could make an hour and twenty five minutes film about something so random.

RE-VIEW: The Case of Blade of the Immortal

If I were to describe this movie in a few words, it would be somewhere along the lines of, “Everything the Anime couldn’t do”

Ito Junji’s Collection of Dissappointment

The results are horror stories that come from the mind of one of the Kings of terror: Ito Junji.

West in Retrospect – Dragonball: Evolution

"Dragonball Evolution marked a very painful creative point in my life. To have something with my name on it as the writer be so globally reviled is gut wrenching. To receive hate mail from all over the world is heartbreaking." - Ben Ramsey.