Danganronpa “The End of Hope’s Peak High School”: Hope, Despair and Crazy Pills (Part 3)

Finding another killing game in the Future Arc was such a disappointment to me. Which left me to wonder if … if this was it; if this was all Danganronpa could provide. That it was nothing more than strokes of genius muddled by its own concept.

The Case Of: Death Note (2006)

There was one tiny detail for Death Note 2006: the time of release was way, way off.

Danganronpa: Hope, Despair and Crazy Pills (Part 1)

If you box Danganronpa in the VN category, it sure makes its effort to be considered a game. If you box it in the puzzle/mystery game category, the story portions constricts your options as a player... To me, this is not a problem of writing; it is a problem embedded in the concept of the franchise. 

Gangsta: How to make a mafia Anime

Gangsta compromises with everything it sets itself to be in the first episode: violent, grim, uncomfortable and tragic; but it also compromises with uplifting and cute moments shared between Alex, Nicholas and Worick and their relationship with other characters.

Gokudolls: A Dichotomic Series and other Ramblings

Gokudolls could’ve been one of the purest parody/satire/sardonic series out there. Controversial, yes. Hated, yes. Misunderstood, yes. At least it would’ve stuck with the irreverent premise.

RE-VIEW: The Case of Black Butler

As I mentioned, I understand the appeal. It is an opening that can be quite a curve for drawing people’s attention. Although my criticism regarding the Manga comes from three things:

RE-VIEW: The Case of Ichi the Killer (Part 2)

The franchise of Ichi the Killer is much bigger than you would think. For the 2000s standards, Ichi the Killer was one of the few works that got made as a live action movie, as an animation and had a Manga at the same time.

RE-VIEW: The Case of Ichi The Killer (Part 1)

These are keywords when it comes to Ichi the Killer: engagement and immersion.  I cannot stress that enough and there is a reason why.

“91 Days”: A Wasted Great Idea

The more I thought about it, the more it dawned on me that it was the perfect case of what he discussed earlier: while it was an amazing initiative; it was the implementation of those ideas that lacked the “anime punch”.