The Case of: Library Wars (Introduction)

...we watched it at almost the same pace. She didn’t enjoy it. But more importantly… to me, Library Wars is not what I remember it was.

Going Stray for Noragami

Noragami got me thinking of a lot of stuff regarding shounen manga magazines and authors. It got me thinking about the underlying tone the story; about why I loved the first season more than the manga and why the second season may be the one to blame for the sudden forgetfulness of the franchise. This is the collection of those thoughts.

Mirai: The Limitations of Romanticizing the Meaning of an Artist

I can confidently say that the message, the subtext and the intention of the author was efficiently relayed; but it's when we get into the hooks and crannies of the structure of the story where it loses the punch that it was intended to have.

The Mysterious Case of Ghost Hunt

I still like the series, I don’t like it as I did when I was younger, but it is a series that will always have a special place to me. The manga... is another story.

Cells at Work: It’s all in the premise.

Akane Shimizu has an authentic quality to her humor; she is not concerned about whom she may offend with her crude depiction of blood, death and violence and the same can be said for the anime production. Whoever loves the product will love it for what this series is.

Gokudolls: A Dichotomic Series and other Ramblings

Gokudolls could’ve been one of the purest parody/satire/sardonic series out there. Controversial, yes. Hated, yes. Misunderstood, yes. At least it would’ve stuck with the irreverent premise.

Kuuchuu Buranko, Still One of My Favorites, Here is Why.

With 2019 looming, I had a need for nostalgia so I watched it once again. Incredible, but true, my opinions of the show haven’t changed.

The Non-Accidental Masterpiece: Kimi no Na Wa

The hair band/bracelet represents this connection, as well, the sacred shrine, the dreams, the wish, the comet, the village, the erasing memories and their names; everything represents these connections.

Wotakoi: A Love Letter to a Misunderstood Community

For otaku, especially adults, romantic relationships comes at a cost:

Why “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card” It’s a Success!

Every magical mystery, character growth, relationships and arcs were tied up neatly and were absolute. What else could we explore? Was there something that they wanted to add to the lore?

RE-VIEW: The Case of Cromartie High School

Earlier this week in our movie re-view, we were talking about how someone could make an hour and twenty five minutes film about something so random.

RE-VIEW: The Case of Daily Lives of High School Boys

A few minutes into the film, we get the famous “Skirt” skit and my suspicion turned into fear, what I really was about to experience was:

Was Welcome to the Ballroom a Failure?

The position the franchise is at this point is dim and not even the stunning work of Tomo Takeuchi was enough to create a phenomenon.

My Complicated Relationship with ToraDora

There are a lot of positive things I can say about this series, but...

4 Things One Punch Man Taught Us

It was fall 2015. The status quo of Shounen Jump animation series remained unchanged. The big three that defined a decade in the studios animation was no more.