Changes and Apologies

To be honest, this is less than ideal for us and we are not happy either. We didn’t want to change it, at least I didn’t want it to be this way.

Kyoto Animation’s Building Goes out in Flames.

This is a huge loss for the company, the victim's families, the fans and a piece of Japanese entertainment history that has been lost in the fire.

“Dragon Ball: Evolution” and The Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Dragon Ball: Evolution was destined and set up to fail.

Apologies, Schedule and “The Case Of” New Season

First of all, we want to apologize because we have been so inconsistent with the uploads of our reviews. Not to make any excuses, but there were a lot of factors that made us have a chaotic scheduling since December 2018. Between writer's block, money issues and scheduling experimentation, we feel guilty. These days we …

About that Lack of Content…

Sad news for us, but not everything is negative!

Article 11 and 13: A Murky Reflection of Japan’s Copyright Laws

That is how Japan’s Entertainment industry is a little reflection of what Article 13 and 11 really means in long-term and stretched to the extreme. Things that worked out twenty years ago to promote artists, are not working today. A few gigs in clubs and malls are not enough to widespread a personality.

The Legacy of Isao Takahata

This may sound rude, crude and somehow controversial for many, but within the Ghibli studios Isao Takahata was the director that moved me the most especially when he accepted the role of scriptwriter and director. He had a distinct approach to his animation; while his long time partner Hayao Miyazaki focuses more on the fantasy …

Welcome to Otaku Netizen Re-views

If you have been following us in our previous blog, you may know that this is an adventure that I now share with a team. We appreciate your time and encourage you to go through our Website for the kind of content you fell in love with. Have fun, NetizenGal.