The Case of: Library Wars (Introduction)

...we watched it at almost the same pace. She didn’t enjoy it. But more importantly… to me, Library Wars is not what I remember it was.

The Case Of: Death Note (2006)

There was one tiny detail for Death Note 2006: the time of release was way, way off.

RE-VIEW: The Case of Black Butler

As I mentioned, I understand the appeal. It is an opening that can be quite a curve for drawing people’s attention. Although my criticism regarding the Manga comes from three things:

RE-VIEW: The Case of Cromartie High School

Earlier this week in our movie re-view, we were talking about how someone could make an hour and twenty five minutes film about something so random.

RE-VIEW: The Case of Daily Lives of High School Boys

A few minutes into the film, we get the famous “Skirt” skit and my suspicion turned into fear, what I really was about to experience was:

RE-VIEW: The Case of Ichi the Killer (Part 2)

The franchise of Ichi the Killer is much bigger than you would think. For the 2000s standards, Ichi the Killer was one of the few works that got made as a live action movie, as an animation and had a Manga at the same time.

RE-VIEW: The Case of Ichi The Killer (Part 1)

These are keywords when it comes to Ichi the Killer: engagement and immersion.  I cannot stress that enough and there is a reason why.

RE-VIEW: The Case Of Sakuran

In terms of adaptation and as a standalone movie, Sakuran is one of the best I have seen.

RE-VIEW: The Case of Blade of the Immortal

If I were to describe this movie in a few words, it would be somewhere along the lines of, “Everything the Anime couldn’t do”

RE-VIEW: The Case of Terra Formars

The great effort to make this movie into a copy/paste from the Anime was perhaps the worst decision made from the production stages. Sure, it has the essence of the original work, but it doesn’t make it a good product.

RE-VIEW: The Case of Bakuman

After many years of pressure and the resurgence of live action praise in 2011, Bakuman got its own adaptation in 2015… the question is, was it any good?

RE-VIEW: The Case of Grave of the Fireflies

With material that was critically acclaimed and loved by the public, the thought of a live action seemed like a good idea. After 60 years of wait, it was safe to say that a faithful adaptation was long overdue.

The live action movie was re-released in August 2008; by everyone’s surprise… it was quite disappointing. Why?

RE-VIEW: The Case of Another

I must admit that Another was a little difficult to analyze. The prime reason being:  it is based on a light novel. Often, when adaptations are made from books or light novels, the translation of the media suffers immensely. We see it in this case.

RE-VIEW: The Case of Detroit Metal City

With its offensive, disgusting, vulgar dark humor, unconventional character designs, fast paced dialogue and gag comic style, I can assure you, Detroit Metal City is not for everybody.

RE-VIEW: The Case of Lovely Complex

With the praise that I have for the Manga and the Anime, you must think that I have a lot of problems with the live action as an adaptation - and I do -, however it has to do more with the directorial decisions than with the movie in general.