The Case of: Library Wars (Introduction)

...we watched it at almost the same pace. She didn’t enjoy it. But more importantly… to me, Library Wars is not what I remember it was.

Danganronpa “The End of Hope’s Peak High School”: Hope, Despair and Crazy Pills (Part 3)

Finding another killing game in the Future Arc was such a disappointment to me. Which left me to wonder if … if this was it; if this was all Danganronpa could provide. That it was nothing more than strokes of genius muddled by its own concept.

Changes and Apologies

To be honest, this is less than ideal for us and we are not happy either. We didn’t want to change it, at least I didn’t want it to be this way.

The Case Of: Death Note (2006)

There was one tiny detail for Death Note 2006: the time of release was way, way off.

Kyoto Animation’s Building Goes out in Flames.

This is a huge loss for the company, the victim's families, the fans and a piece of Japanese entertainment history that has been lost in the fire.

Danganronpa 2/Ultra Despair Girls: Hope, Despair and Crazy Pills (Part 2)

After finishing the first game, I felt like it was a one-time thing with no possibilities to see sequels because the story was more than explained, done and buried. So, to say the least, I was curious to see where the franchise was headed.

Death Parade was/is Ahead of Our Time

Death Parade came across as a series that would indulge in my cynical thirst, instead, I found a series incredibly human.

Going Stray for Noragami

Noragami got me thinking of a lot of stuff regarding shounen manga magazines and authors. It got me thinking about the underlying tone the story; about why I loved the first season more than the manga and why the second season may be the one to blame for the sudden forgetfulness of the franchise. This is the collection of those thoughts.

“Dragon Ball: Evolution” and The Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Dragon Ball: Evolution was destined and set up to fail.

Kakurenbo: Hide&Seek. A Perfect Debut of a Missing Director.

Have you ever wondered why some independent directors who are acclaimed don’t want to listen when producers and studios tell them they have a lot more potential than they think? Because I feel like Shuhei Morita is one of those directors.

Danganronpa: Hope, Despair and Crazy Pills (Part 1)

If you box Danganronpa in the VN category, it sure makes its effort to be considered a game. If you box it in the puzzle/mystery game category, the story portions constricts your options as a player... To me, this is not a problem of writing; it is a problem embedded in the concept of the franchise. 

Mirai: The Limitations of Romanticizing the Meaning of an Artist

I can confidently say that the message, the subtext and the intention of the author was efficiently relayed; but it's when we get into the hooks and crannies of the structure of the story where it loses the punch that it was intended to have.

Ghost Hound’s Dilemma: A Flawed Masterpiece or Masterfully Flawed?

Ghost Hound may be a masterpiece that requires a certain level of consciousness to understand it… or is the uncomfortable stain in Masamune Shirow and Chiaki Konaka's career.

Apologies, Schedule and “The Case Of” New Season

First of all, we want to apologize because we have been so inconsistent with the uploads of our reviews. Not to make any excuses, but there were a lot of factors that made us have a chaotic scheduling since December 2018. Between writer's block, money issues and scheduling experimentation, we feel guilty. These days we …

The Mysterious Case of Ghost Hunt

I still like the series, I don’t like it as I did when I was younger, but it is a series that will always have a special place to me. The manga... is another story.